Destinations Las Vegas Treatment Center provides a variety of proven treatment modalities for teens to overcome the challenges of mental health problems. Our treatment includes a full-day partial hospitalization program, an evening intensive outpatient program, and dual diagnosis for mental health issues.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Through our partial hospitalization program, teens attend a safe, daytime program that utilizes therapy and education to get to the root cause of their issues. Also known as PHP, this full-day program will address the specific needs of each teen. They learn coping skills and understanding during individual, group, creative, and family therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program

At Destinations Las Vegas Treatment Center, our intensive outpatient program allows teens to enter treatment while still living at home. During this evening program, our experienced staff will develop and implement a specific treatment plan. This addresses each individual’s unique experiences and circumstances.

Dual Diagnosis Program

The majority of teenagers struggling with a substance use disorder also have a diagnosable mental health issue. In fact, treating one without the other will not lead to a successful and overall recovery. Through our dual diagnosis treatment, we treat the mental health concerns of an individual for the best chance at a better, exciting future.

We’re Here For You At Destinations Las Vegas Treatment Center

No one should ever face mental health issues alone. Moreover, the family plays a huge role in overcoming the challenges of recovery. At Destinations for Teens Las Vegas, we bridge the gap and empower teens, and their families, to recover with confidence. The path to overall wellness is attainable, and our therapists and staff will be by your side every step of the way.

If you’re closer to the California area, you can also receive treatment at our Los Angeles teen substance abuse treatment center.

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