At Destinations for Teens Las Vegas, we provide an intensive outpatient program (IOP) to ensure that your child has the best opportunity to overcome the challenges of addiction and mental health problems. Our outpatient teenage rehabilitation programs allow your child to live at home while attending partial-day programs, trainings, and therapy.

Why Destinations Outpatient Teenage Rehabilitation Programs Work

Growing up is a learning experience that can be difficult to handle. Therefore, many teens fall under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Moreover, many more teens begin to struggle with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.

However, our teenage rehabilitation programs will give your child the best chance at a successful recovery. At our brand new Las Vegas location, your teen will undergo an original assessment to determine the severity of their problem and the necessary treatment options. By doing so, we will enlist specific therapeutic modalities, training, and education during the process.

In fact, most teens who struggle with substance abuse are accompanied by a mental health disorder. Treating one without the other is a huge mistake. Furthermore, this can lead to relapse in the future. Our assessment will discover any need for dual diagnosis treatment for a development plan.

Benefits of Destinations Las Vegas

At Destinations Las Vegas Treatment Center, your teenager will have the luxury of returning home after treatment. However, they will still receive the vital support and treatment they deserve to overcome substance abuse. For example, our outpatient teenage rehabilitation programs include:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Academic support and education
  • Alumni support
  • Parental involvement
  • Mental health treatment and dual diagnosis tracks

The first step to overcoming addiction is recognizing a problem. At this point, your teen will begin to seek out help, support, and a change for the better. We believe family plays a major role in the recovery process and your support will make a huge impact on your teen during treatment.

Specific IOP Activities

While attending our northwest Las Vegas location, your teen will visit with a psychiatrist once per week. Moreover, they will attend daily group, individual, and family therapy sessions to find the root cause of their addiction while gaining understanding and confidence. This also gives them the ability to rebuild lost relationships.

However, we’re also committed to your child’s education during recovery. We’ll work with your teen’s school to ensure our support. This will allow your teen to remain on the proper educational track. Our staff will be of assistance and guidance during this important period of time.

Lastly, our alumni are very active in the Destinations community. This helps teens learn from those who have been in their shoes before. This critical process will give your teen a strong support system to manage and maintain their sobriety after rehab.

Visit Destinations Las Vegas Today

Don’t let your teen struggle with addiction and mental health problems any longer. In fact, contact Destinations Las Vegas today at (866) 770-8956. Our experienced staff is here to guide your child through rehab and recovery, empowering them to overcome the obstacles ahead. If you’re closer to the California area, you can also receive similar treatment at our Los Angeles teen substance abuse treatment center.