Is your teenager struggling with mental health issues? If so, Destinations for Teens Las Vegas is here for you. Our staff has the experience and training to guide your teen. Moreover, our teen intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a valuable asset to the rehab and recovery process.

In fact, outpatient programs allow your teen to return home each night after treatment. This will give them the opportunity to translate their newfound skills in real-life situations. Furthermore, this gives them the time they deserve to continue their education and daily activities.

Teen Intensive Outpatient Program at Destinations Las Vegas

From inpatient to outpatient care, no recovery program is the same. In fact, every center offers different modalities, amenities, and therapies. This is why our assessment makes such a huge difference. During the first 72 hours of the teen intensive outpatient program, your teen will undergo an assessment with our clinical staff to determine which therapies and treatments will benefit the most. For example, those struggling with a mental health disorder will have their best chance at success in dual diagnosis treatment.

In addition, every teen that joins our IOP will attend individual, group, and family therapy. This will give them the opportunity to gain an understanding of their disease and its root causes. Furthermore, therapy gives them a judgement-free environment to talk out their problems with others in similar situations.

Parental Involvement

At Destinations for Teens, we understand the impact and role a family plays in a teenager’s recovery. Through family therapy, we will give you the platform to help your teen overcome their issues with support and encouragement.

However, recovery is a process that requires patience. By sharing the commitment, your teen will feel more confident in rehab. We also offer family education classes, including visits with our education director and clinical director. This will help you understand your role in the process and how we will interact with your teen.

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Is your teen ready to take the next step to overall wellness and sobriety? If so, contact our friendly staff today. We’ll be by your teens side every step of the way. For example, outside of our teen intensive outpatient program, we also offer:

If you’re closer to the California area, you can also receive similar treatment from one of our Los Angeles teen treatment programs.

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