teen partial hospitalization program

Destinations for Teens provides the best possible care for adolescents in the grasps of substance abuse and mental health disorders. In fact, our teen partial hospitalization program is built to guide your teen through rehab with confidence and support.

This full-day program combines mental health and addiction treatment for your teen’s best chance at recovery. Moreover, we also integrate the values of a 12-step program with certified alcohol and drug counselors.

Benefits of Our Teen Partial Hospitalization Program

The benefits of our teen partial hospitalization program span from therapy to treatment and education. As you can see, we believe that substance abuse cannot lead to recovery unless each specific issue is addressed during the process. By addressing one influential factor without the others, your teen will be more likely to relapse in the future.

For example, our program involves a variety of methods, therapy, and more, including:

Creative therapy includes a wide range of activities, including, music, expressive arts, yoga, and mindfulness. Moreover, we also utilize body movement therapy to enhance awareness, confidence, and general well-being.

Be Present As Parents

Parents with children struggling through substance abuse regularly struggle coping with the problems their children face. Therefore, it’s important to get involved in the recovery process for both the benefit of your child and yourself.

Through family therapy, we’ll help you reconnect with your loved ones, rebuilding relationships and mending past issues. Overall, this will make your child’s transition into sobriety much easier. In fact, the family support system is imperative to successful recovery and overall wellness.

Outside of therapy, we also offer education classes for family members. In fact, by understanding addiction, you will have a better sense of your child’s disease and the feelings that accompany them.

Seek Help Today At Destinations Las Vegas

Destinations for Teens brand new outpatient center in sunny northwest Las Vegas is the perfect place to begin addiction and mental health treatment. Furthermore, we’ll develop a personal rehab program for your child’s specific needs. Each and every individual experiences addiction different, which requires a unique set of modalities based on your specific circumstances.

If you’re closer to the California area, you can also receive similar treatment from one of our Los Angeles teen treatment programs.

Learn more about our Las Vegas location and call us today at (866) 770-8956. Your teenager’s path to sobriety is attainable for long-lasting recovery. Reach out today for more information about this life-changing experience.