teen mental health treatment

Teen Mental Health Treatment

Mental health disorders are common amongst teenagers across the nation. Moreover, many adolescents with a mental health disorder also struggle with substance abuse and addiction. To overcome the hardships of addiction and mental health disorders, Destinations for Teens Las Vegas offers teen mental health treatment that will address your concerns and integrate therapy and training for a positive mindset and overall wellness.

Negative Influence of Addiction on Mental Health

Specifically, young adults are more likely to suffer depression and anxiety than anyone over the age of 50. However, many teenagers develop a mental health condition due to drug or alcohol abuse.

Likewise, a mental health disorder can lead to or influence a substance abuse problem. As you can see, the necessity of teen mental health treatment during addiction rehab can be vital to the success of a program.

For example, certain programs at Destinations Las Vegas will give your child the best chance at overall recovery from a mental health disorder and addiction, including:

From dual diagnosis to our teen intensive outpatient program, our staff will give your teen the resources, support, and encouragement to face their addiction and mental health concerns head-on with confidence.

Teen Dual Diagnosis Program

Destinations’ teen dual diagnosis treatment will help build a foundation for recovery by finding the root causes of addiction in your child. In fact, dual diagnosis is the simultaneous treatment of both the addiction and mental health disorder.

Treating one without the other will not translate to a successful recovery. For example, if your mental health disorder fuels your addiction, both must be treated so one doesn’t spurn the other back into relapse.

During this program, your teen will be introduced to training for the development of coping skills, relapse prevention, and targeting triggers and stressors. This includes many forms of therapy and academic support for continued education.

Teen Intensive Outpatient Program

At Destinations for Teens Las Vegas, we understand a teenagers daily responsibilities to their family, education, and more. As a result, our intensive outpatient program will allow your child to return home each night after treatment.

During the day, your teen will undergo treatment, therapy, counseling, and group sessions before returning home. However, they will return each day to continue treatment.

Moreover, we’ll work with your child to continue their academic growth. This will help them stay ahead with school work, projects, and the reintegration of the school setting after treatment. For these reasons, we offer full educational services for anyone in our teen treatment programs.

Reach Out for Help At Destinations Las Vegas

Destinations for Teens Las Vegas is located in sunny northwest Las Vegas in a brand new facility. Our proven and effective programs will give you, as parents, the peace of mind you deserve as your child overcomes a mental health disorder and addiction. If you’re closer to the California area, you can also receive similar treatment at our Los Angeles teen mental health treatment center. To learn more about our unique programs for teens, contact us today at (866) 770-8956.